July 2018  
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Sunday Morning Bible Study
10:00 AM to 10:55 AM
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Men's Breakfast
6:00 AM to 6:50 AM
"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." Pr.27:17
Men, join us for food, fellowship, prayer, & Bible study!
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February 2015 Nepal Mission Trip
Pastor Nate Sprinkle and B.J. Baldridge

Mission Nepal '15 - February planning trip
15 Feb.
Immediately after church today, BJ and I loaded up our bags in the car and headed out to Abilene. We picked up his friend at his house in Abilene so he could drop us off at the airport and take the car to his house to keep while we were out of the country. At ABI airport, we unloaded, prayed, and went in. After checking in, we proceeded to security - at which point they took a pocket knife I'd forgotten about out of my backpack. TSA folks were nice and allowed me to take it outside (presumably to my car). But, since we had no car there, I hid it beside the parking lot, planning to get it when we came back. ABI-DFW-LHR-DOH-KTM was our schedule. Flights were good, uneventful.
16 Feb.
On LHR-DOH flight, got to sit by Ahad, a 28-yr-old Muslim guy from the Maldive Islands. He'd studied in Canada, got his degree, and returned to the Maldives to work as a mechanical engineer / mechanic for the national airline, Maldivian. Had a good visit with him about family, work, school, and religion. He spoke of how he'd been to a Muslim-run high school, but, in addition to Islam, learned about Judaism and Christianity. So, this opened the door for me to talk with him about who Jesus is, who he was taught He is, who he believes He is. The virgin birth he agreed with, as Muslims do. But, the fact that Jesus is the Son of God was not received, because Islam teaches God has no Son. It was good to get to talk that through with him. I wanted to talk with him about his understanding of sin, righteousness, and judgment, and what he saw his hope for eternity is. But, with the great entertainment options on the Airbus A380, the headphones went back on and our conversation concluded. I just pray that some seeds were planted, and his heart will be softened to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
17 Feb.
After a 4+ hour layover in Doha, we boarded our flight to KTM. We arrived an hour late due to having to circle and wait for some military manuevers at KTM to conclude. After landing and taxiing, we could see 7 army helcopters hovering in position down the north end of the runway. Neat to see.
Disembarked, went through immigration and got our 15-day tourist visas, collected our bags, and headed out of the airport. We were to meet Deepak Acharya, a Nepali friend, minister, translator, pastor, friend from many years ago. He was not outside, so we called and found out he could not get into the airport to meet us without a ticket himself. So, we walked out of the airport and met him outside the entry gate on Ring Road. Went to one friend of his' house, had chiyaa, talked, and left our bags to walk down to Pashupatinath temple compound for Shivaratri festivities. Wow. It was a mass of people - some worshipping, most partying. Probably hundreds of thousands of lost people.. worshipping holy men / gurus / sadhus / jhogis, singing Hindu religious songs, smoking ganja, attending body burning rituals.. A heartbreaking sight and experience. Took lots of pics, and Deepak's nephew handed out some Nepali gospel tracts outside the temple area. We returned a few hours later to get our bags and go to a nearby guesthouse just outside the airport gate. Just 1100 NRs for BJ and I for the night.
18 Feb.
We woke up, cleaned up (I think I ran the last of the gas out of the shower water heater..), then walked up to the domestic airport and caught our flight to Pokhara. On arrival, got a taxi to Rakscha Marg, near Amarsingh Chowk, to the language school that the Guppys have been running, and where we'd stay. But, just put our bags down, grabbed stuff for an overnight village stay, and took off back to Prithvi Chowk to catch a bus down to Syangja and Rambachchha, where we'd meet Tok and go with him to Budakot. But, the bus ride down there was not so easy, at least not on BJ. He developed an unsettled stomach after not being able to see down the twisting, winding road. It was UNsettled. Three bags. They almost charged us more fare due to all the plastic he required..
We loaded up in the jeep for the ride up the hmountain, and BJ wanted to stand up in the back to catch the fresh air. And I wanted him in the back, too! Considering it was late Feb., the weather was very temperate, but it began to rain as we arrived. And that's when the air got cold. But, the stay was nice. I'd asked Kumar to ask Tok to call the older believer who'd been baptized a few years back in the village back up to the village from Butwal for the time we were there. He did, and he rode the jeep up with us. So, after we ate that night, BJ and I and five Gurungs sat around in Tok & Dhun Maya's house, sang a couple of songs, and told stories and discussed truths from God's word. It was a great time! Then, went to bed.
19 Feb.
We woke up early enough to hike up the hill, and try to connect to wifi to Skype in with the youth group in Jayton. Praise the Lord, the connection worked! And BJ visited with them for a few minutes using his iPad. Braju, older believer man, joined us at the top as BJ was on Skype. He visited with me, and we prayed together before the 3 of us headed down. And we walked down through the village, stopping here and there and having chiyaa, as folks invited. Four times! It was fun. Then, we got a look at the little pig farm.And then back at Tok's house, we had lunch - daal bhat. After visiting, praying, taking pics, BJ and I began our hike down the hill. On the way, we passed a few folks. One Gurung man visited a little, and I gave him a gospel tract. Down at the bottom, we sat at a little shop in Triyashi (eighty-three) to wait for a bus. And a beggar approached. He begged. I declined. And that repeated. Until he decided I was serious, and then he got upset. Said he was a son of Shive, and he'd be watching me and get met. That provoked me. So, I had a few direct words to him about his threat. Again, I said I'm not giving him money, but would buy him something to eat. So, I did - 30 rupees worth of chiyaa and cookies, and I left him and a fellow patron with tracts to read. Then, we caught a bus back into Pokhara. We walked back to the language school from the bus park near Prithvi Chowk. Then, shortly after, we went to Almonds to eat dinner with the Guppys and Brewers. Then, off to bed in the downstairs front room of the language school.
20 Feb.
We woke up and got ready, reviewed notes and sessions for today's "Healthy Church Training" at NCGC. We walked the half-mile or so to their building, and were pleasantly surprised to see around 60 people gathered by start time. Several pastors were there. These were folks from the Pokhara Christian Samaj association of churches. It was great that many church leaders wanted to attend. Simon Magarati had been asked to translate - and he did an awesome job. 9:30-4:30 we went, with a lunch break. They fed us again some leftover food before we left for the night. I was invited to share the word the next morning in fellowship. And Bhim offered to let me use his motorcycle. It proved to be a huge help!
21 Feb.
Spoke at Logos River Fellowship Church, Yousuf's church, and NCGC. Then, we rode the bus down from Amarsing Chowk to Bhim and Ganga's new place. The few us a great meal of daal bhat. Said the rice was from the paddies around them, which they'd farmed themselves. It was great. They invited BJ and I to stay the night with them. but, we declined. Again, Bhim let us use his motorcycle overnight, and it was a big help again.
22 Feb.
Having been invited to teach at CMTC Bible School, BJ & I went up there and spent just over 2 hours teaching. Left and went to Yousuf's place for lunch, since they'd invited. It was great to visit and catch up with their family. Went from there to Emmanuel School, Samuel Rai's Emmanuel School to look around. It was kids crammed into small rooms all over the place. Relatively speaking, it is a good school, but it was still disheartening.
Spent some time visiting with Min dai. And later that evening, we met up with Hem Kumari, and she served us coffee at her rented room. We had a good talk - about her work, parents, village, church, attendance, baptism (she hasn't), etc. I told her I was praying she marries a Christian guy. And she hesitated, said her parents are talking with a guy for her. He's not a believer, and she knew that would present a problem. Because, she talked about the truth she has found and experienced in her relationship with Jesus. She said, "I cannot forget, I cannot deny what I know, what I have experienced." I nearly cried. It was wonderful. BJ & I prayed with her, for her, for her family, and left.
23 Feb.
BJ had to fly out today. So, he packed up and we walked out to find a taxi to the airport. Got BJ off, and I went to meet up with Simon and visit with him some. I walked back to Rakhsha Marg Chowk from his room at 0 KM Chowk. Called around and contacted some Magar guys we had worked with in 2012 on a medical mission trip. Asked if we could meet up sometime, to discuss possible further work.
24 Feb.
Met with Giri and Ramesh, and talked about their work among the Magar people group. It was great to hear their stories, and we talked about if our church were to want to work with them again how we would go about it. They are supported by a ministry based in Malaysia? We would want to contact them first, if we were to work with these men again. Took a rented jeep to Chitwan to begin training w/Tracy with believers in Rueben Chaudhary's church in Padaria.
25 Feb.
Taught a few sessions of the 4 Fields training. Tracy taught most of it. It was an enjoyable time with the younger and more mature believers and leaders. When I wasn't teaching, it was nice to listen and relax and see the dear Nepali brothers and sisters engaging, learning, understanding.
26 Feb.
Finished the one and a half day training in Padaria. Headed out to K'Du in the jeep we've had rented. Of course, we weren't doing the driving. These things come with a driver. Only way you can get them. Its much safer that way. Joined some I M B ers for a meal at the Lazy Gringo in Jawalakhel.
27 Feb.
Wrapped up our trip and headed to the airport to catch our flights back to the USA. Weather in Texas was so bad, upon landing, that my flight back to Abilene was cancelled and I had to drive home to Jayton.. on icy roads! Thank the Lord for safety, on the drive, and for a wonderfully encouraging trip to/in Nepal to visit and pray with fellow believers and discuss and pray about how we might could partner with them in the future.

"Lord, continue Your work in Your harvest fields. Use us as You see fit. Open doors. Lead us. May Jesus be glorified in all of our lives!"